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Audit financial statements

Our audit method focuses on understanding business performance as well as understanding the internal control system of clients


iCPA’s accounting experts can assist clients in building an accounting system in line with the industry-specific management requirements of the business and the regulations of the Vietnamese Accounting System.

Audit Completed Project Finalization

Determining the estimated value, final settlement value of capital construction investment works for various types of works: civil, transportation, industrial, agricultural, irrigation…

Corporate Finance Consulting

With extensive knowledge and understanding of Vietnam’s business environment and legal system, iCPA’s consultants can assist clients in planning their business strategies. Our experts will take the time to understand the needs of our customers, since we offer solutions to satisfy them

Tax consultant

We always assist our clients in effectively planning and calculating the taxes applied at each specific business to support their business goals while helping them reduce the maximum impact of tax on their business activities


With our team of experts including people with many years of experience in working as well as teaching, researching, and practicing accounting and auditing in Vietnam in collaboration with foreign experts

Our audit method

  • Our understanding of needs

    Currently, the Company needs auditing and consulting services. The brief information not only shows our ability to meet the requirements of your Company today, but we can also provide other services as well as assist the Company in perfecting the accounting system and internal control system

  • Implementation organization

    An audit of the Financial Statements is intended to express the auditor’s independent opinion on whether the Financial Statements give a true and fair view. The audit must be carried out in accordance with Vietnamese Auditing Standards, International Auditing Standards accepted in Vietnam and the current Independent Auditing Regulations in Vietnam

    Auditing of financial statements will be carried out in accordance with typical legal documents such as: Law on Independent Audit No. 67/2011/QH12 dated March 29, 2011; Decree No. 17/2012/ND-CP, dated March 13, 2012, on independent audit; and many decisions of the Minister of Finance on the promulgation of Vietnamese accounting and auditing standards

  • Audit work

    Audit work includes:

    • Checking and reviewing the accounting records and accounting books of the Company;
    • Checking and reviewing financial statements;;
    • Analysis of changes in the Company’s capital during the period;
    • Mailing confirmation for bank accounts, investments, receivables and payables;
    • Observing the Company’s principal fixed assets and checking their reflection at the balance sheet date;
    • Evaluating the correctness of the Company’s internal control system in managing cash, inventory, and fixed assets to confirm the existence, ownership, and value of cash, fixed assets and inventories at the end of the financial year;
    • Evaluating the Company’s internal control system for financial leasing contracts;
    • Performing other audit procedures or alternative procedures necessary in the particular circumstances;
    • Issuing the Audit Report;
    • Issuing Management Letters (if necessary) addressing the shortcomings in the accounting system and internal control system and making recommendations of the Auditor to improve these systems
  • Auditing Methods

    The audit method of iCPA (iCPA Audit Methodology – IAM) is basically based on international auditing standards and Vietnamese auditing standards, referring to the audit methods of the world’s leading auditing firms. IAM is based on a deep understanding of the client’s business, internal control systems, and risk assessment. IAM is a risk-focused audit method, thus limiting the expansion of work to be done in less risky areas. With available technical support tools, IAM will identify potential risks and increase understanding of the client’s business throughout the audit process

  • Implementation plan

    After being officially appointed by your Company, iCPA will audit the financial statements according to the plan agreed with you. The audit is carried out at the Company’s office

  • Service fee

    Our goal is to provide service at a reasonable price. Our audit fees are commensurate with the effort, experience and skill required to get the job done. We will send a group of employees with the appropriate capacity and appropriate level of experience for the job

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